My name is Gerry Monaghan and I am multidiscipline designer based in Belfast with over 20 years experience of designing and creating brands, websites & interiors

I work for you.

No project is too big or too small.  I work with people to build a brand that fits their vision and their budget.  I bring a range of amazing suppliers and manage every stage of your project journey.

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I design for you. 

I keep it simple and focus on creating high quality designs that align your brand so you standout from the crowd.

What sort of projects do I work on?

I work on many different types of projects which include branding, website design, design for digital platforms & interior design. I use the most up-to-date design software and pride myself on adding value and experience to every project.  

Brand design


Using the most up-to-date design software allows me to create projects of the highest standard.  Wether it's working on redesigning a logo, refreshing an existing brand or creating a new identity my approach will help you stand out from the crowd.

Building websites

I build websites with design precision, advanced layouts, custom interactions, enterprise grade security and fully optimised for mobile devices and Google. The user and customer experience is at the forefront of each project and optimisation allows users to easily share content across many different platforms with industry-leading marketing and SEO solutions right in a personal dashboard. 

Digital business solutions

Digital business solutions - I add rich e-commerce business infrastructure to websites, such as online payment, shopping, event bookings and membership which come with built-in responsive behaviour for both desktop and mobile devices. Website data and content can be managed with advanced web applications (Content Management System) using custom code, APIs and databases. Data and content can be downloaded and shared across internal business systems.

Interior design

Interior design is often about how you make people feel. I work closely with clients to create unique spaces aligned to their brand. I take a project from concept and project manage to completion advising the client every step of the way. A successful project is based on visualisation, design planning, budget control and good suppliers to get a quality finish against cost.


Connecting your brand, website and interior through design

Tel: 077 7564 5806